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Shadow Springs


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I've had my Shadow about a year and a half now, approx 10k-12k rounds. I haven't changed any springs in the pistol yet. I'm curious how often you guys change out certain springs. Recoil spring, main spring, extractor springs, mag springs etc...

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i'd do it now if you haven't already. i call it my 'annual maintenance'.

i also try to do it in december, so that if any problems crop up, it happens during the dec-jan off season. plus, since the springs will be different than ones taht aren't worn out, you might need to get a feel for the fresh springs again.

i change:



firing pin spring

extractor spring

trigger return

all magazine springs

i inspect:

slide stop


hammer/sear surfaces

magazine feed lips with a micrometer

magazine followers

all roll pins on the gun

i might've missed something but that's the gist of it.

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Burning Squirrel's routine is a good recommendation for any gun. I have finally got enough rounds through my P226s that I am starting to have some magazine spring related problems and I am just going to replace them all, once/year regardless of round count. I am setting up a recoil spring tester but those are also so inexpensive that it makes sense to replace them pretty often, probably 5k rounds for my 9mm SIG guns, more often for the 22, like when it won't chamber a round when the chamber is clean. Trigger springs, sear springs are not a problem with the SIGs, although I carry spares. Looks like the maintenance schedule for the CZ is going to be similar to the SIGs.


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