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Robert Vogel Competition Class

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Come train with the current World and National Champion

Robert Vogel Competition Training

Richmond, California

Advanced Class

April 25-26

Fundamentals Class

April 27-28

Bob Vogel is the a two-time World and 12-time National Champion across three separate shooting disciplines (including current IPSC Production World Champion, IDPA SSP World Champion, and USPSA Production National Champion). Bob also holds the distinction of being the law enforcement officer with the all-time record for World and National Championships in the action pistol disciplines.

The Fundamentals Class is for USPSA and IDPA competitors who have match experience but little formal training. It is designed for those who have decided that they love the sports, and are ready to make their first large leap in skill level and training. The class will cover fundamentals and demonstration of a number of techniques. Bob will discuss equipment, dry and live fire practice, and take questions. On the range, students will be run through a variety of drills designed to develop skills the numerous different skill sets needed in action pistol competition and learn how to analyze and break down a stage. This class is open to all shooters who hold any current classification in USPSA or IDPA.

The Advanced Class is for the die-hard action pistol competitor who is ready for reaching and winning at the next level. This course will cover similar topics as above, but will move faster and progress to advanced skills analysis/development and stage evaluation. Throughout the class, Bob will also address the mental side of the game, which he feels is a critical component to competitive success. He will also help the student develop a tailored practical maintenance program and provide one-on-one analysis of the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. Each student will receive individual attention and be given the best possible advice on taking themselves to the next level. This class is only open to USPSA/IDPA competitors who hold a classification of “B”/Sharpshooter or better.

Minimum round count for each class is 1,000.

Cost for Each Class: $450

Location: Richmond Rod & Gun Club, Richmond, California

To register: Email Jeff Nachman at j_nachmann AT yahoo DOT com. Full payment required to guarantee your spot.

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