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I had a thread a while back about " best AR for beginners".

I just fell into a trade for a couple of Pistols I wasn't using and got an Olympic Arms A3 Upper with Detachable Handle, 20" 1/9 HBAR

Tactical Innovations Lower with an A2 Trapdoor Stock and a couple of GI Mags.

I figure this Rifle should keep me busy for a while at least to learn to shoot and what I like and don't like.

What would be a good source for AR info?

Technique that is...


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I liked Kyle Lamb's book 'Green Eyes and Black Rifles' for the info on different shooting positions from behind cover/barricades/automobiles/curbs. It is geared more towards combative shooting than 3-gun but a lot of the info is still very useful.

Other than that, get out with your rifle and a lot of ammo. Confirm your zero and start shooting from the positions that come up in matches.

Build some VTAC barricades, maybe a simulated rooftop like you see at a lot of matches... and start shooting.

Some rifle steel really helps for practicing at 2/300 yards and beyond without having to walk out and check targets. Wideners sells rifle steel pretty cheaply.

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