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Action bed w/ Devcon M700


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I have a new B&C Medalist 2 adjustable on the way and hve some devcon and wanna bed the action. I need what else for the job? I hve the vise and action hand screws. Any tips and advice for a first timer?? I see some use clear shoe polish for release agent.. What do I need to plug u holes and such??

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Read this thread from the Snipers Hide.


They are several bedding threads on the hide. This is just the first one I found.

I use Pasco 0.10 pipe wrap tape on the barrel to keep it centered in the stock and set the correct action height. I use playdoh as a bridge to keep the devcon where I want it and away from where I don't. I also use the pipe tape on the 1/4x28 by 3 inch long action bolts to center them in the pillars. I use one layer of masking tape on the front, sides and bottom of the recoil lug. NO tape on the back of the lug. I only bed the action area and one inch of barrel in front of the lug. I use shoe polish as a release agent and it works well. WD-40 for the clean up with Q-tips. I just use a bi-pod to hold the rifle, it works as well as a vise and easier to move around as you work on the stock. I dremel diviots in the stock so the devcon has a better place to imbed and hold in the stock. Do NOT get in a hurry, take your time and have fun with your project.

Now would be the best time to add a detachable mag system if you are planning to go that route soon.

Don't worry if you mess it up, you can always dremel out the devcon and start again.

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Johnsons floor wax or clear show polish for release. Modeling clay for filling holes, making dams. Tape off the area around the inlet in the stock, and the action above the bedding line, thouroughly or you will get drips or finger prints everywhere.

I use surgical tubing to pull the action down into the stock. (using headless screws to guide the action through the pillars or bedding block), but I don't use the screws to tighten or put any stress on the action.

First one is for learning - you get better the more you do. It doesn't have to bubble free and perfect to work.... there are some great "how to bed" threads at the snipershide forum.

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Any kind of tape, masking, electrical whatecer, wrap the barrel around and round a few inches dow nthe barrel from the action, this gives the barrel something to sit on and dictates the heigth of the action in the bedding on the front end.

Keep adding tape and checking fit, until the action is tight and flat against the stock's bedding block and you have the barrel supported by the tape, all at the same time. If it rocks, or the barrel is elevated without the action being true to the world, you need to adjust.

On a solid alum bedding block type stock, you will need very little bedding material (it will squeeze out), and will want the action to fit down tightly against the bedding block, the bedding will only fill in the little gaps and holes and recoil lug area.

Oh, make sure to put a couple layers of tape on the front side of the lug so after you remove it, it will go back in and out easier later on.

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Hit the hardware store and pick up 2 1/4x28 3 inch or longer bolts. Cut the heads off. Wrap them with the tape till they just slpit throught the bedding pillars or bedding block bolt holes. You are using them as a guide to set the action the stock. You DO NOT want to bolt the action to the stock when you bed. It will just set in the stock with it's own weight.

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