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Cz Sp01 Shadow Custom. Under sprung?


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So I'm loving my CZ. A buddy of mine who reloads made a comment that the pistol is sprung for lighter competition loads and maybe, if shooting commercial loads, it may be sprung too light.

I typically shoot 115gr 9mm from Sellier and Bellot. This ammo is known to be hotter than normal. Is there any fact to the statement that the custom pistol may benefit from heavier recoil springs?

Does any one know the recoil spring pounds that the CZ Custom Shop puts in these custom pistols?

Also, I have about 7 different recoil spring for a Tangfoglio CZ clone, any one know if they can be used in the CZ75?


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I don't agree, with an 11lb recoil-spring the Shadow Customs are sprung perfectly for loads 125-135pf IMO.

You hear/read a lot of chatter out there about frame-battering and such, but in truth, it's actually an extremely rare occurrence, and there isn't really anything to worry about. If a CZ isn't filthy dirty and the rounds are loaded well and in decent shape then they run like sewing machines.

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I read it somewhere that if you install a heavier recoil spring, as long as you are not experiencing FTE due to the slide not travelling far enough for the spent brass to hit the ejector you should be okay. One draw back for heavier recoil spring is it will put more stress on the slide stop because it is the one preventing the slide to come out from battery.

Now, that being said, i use a 11# too for minor loads. try what you have and see how it works. If you are using it for competition observe how your front sight dip when your slide goes back to battery.

Edit. Typo.

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