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Mossberg 930


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I'm new to shotgun competition ...I've read most all the information here about the 930's (including the JM & Pat F. models). I'll be in "open" class by choise so the "Pat", 13 shot model would seem to be the best for me. What I don't see answered in the 930 post's I've read is: #1. What brand speed loaders will work in the "930"/or/ are they all the same ? #2. Is/ will the current Arredondo "chute" fit the "930's"?. #3. I'm leaning towards a "Poly Choke", simply for the ease of choke changes and a little more compensation than with the "Pat" series ported gun.... Am I heading in the right direction?... I have a NIB Akdal 1919, but it looks like Hi Cap mags are a bit down the road and I'm getting "antsy" and older ("Super Senior")...Time too move on til "stuff" for the 1919 is more obtainable..Besides I must need another gun..

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