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9MM Major from DCAMMO

david s

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Will shoot this weekend, looks great. End flap says: 9mm Major 124CMJ

1387fps 4.25in bbl 172PF

1425fps 5in bbl 176PF

Small rifle primer 1.145oal

*** for use in Modern supported barrel firearms only***

If this shoots as good as it looks, Saturday could be a lot of fun!

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Ammo shot great!!! No feeding issues. I ran about 125rds yesterday thru a Limited 9MM Match with a 5.5" non-comped barrel . Very controlable ammo. I'll get some more, might have him load with XTP bullets. Great compitition load but would also make a good carry load with the XTP's.

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Did you chrono it?

No, but Doug did. If he put those #'s on the box, he chrono'd it. Thru both comp and non comp guns. He posted a good bit about this ammo back in early December under this same "9mm-38" section.

I don't know how fast it was going thru my 5.5" barrel but it sure felt good. I'll try it this weekend with the 4.75" barrel.

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