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TS firing pin hole


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Do the irregularities in the firing pin hole in the pictures below look normal (can you even see them)? The gun has maybe 1000 rds through it. Most of which are my loads. Load is 4.8 gr 231, 1.14 OAL, and a 180 gr Bayou. There are no pressure signs on the brass. This load makes about 169 pf on my chrono and made 172 at the NC sectional match last fall. It could have came this way, I never noticed. I bought it new last summer. What do you think? I couldn't get a straight on picture. but there are a couple of spots where the hole looks "chipped". I can see it in these but I know what I'm looking for.

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Does it look like it was from the de-burring process? I'd rotate a small polishing stone in there to smooth any sharp edges, flush it (pin and spring removed of course) and watch it to make sure it doesn't get any bigger (different). I wouldn't worry about it unless it looks like a crack. Just my opinion of course.

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