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Help date this custom 2011


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I have recently purchased a custom 2011 Limited gun and am trying to ascertain it's age. It has a full dust cover, no markings on the slide. The only markings on the frame are

Left side: 2011, Ser. # EM 176X

Bottom of Dust Cover: STI International

Austin Texas USA

No other markings.

I spoke to tech support at STI but it predates their computer database so they couldn't help me. I'm wondering if any one has a similar gun with this approximate ser. # and knows it's dob, or has owned it for at least 20 years. Also interested in knowing when the 2011 was first introduced.



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Can't help with the age of your gun but see the following link for the history of the 2011 development. The 2011 design was introduced at the shot show in 1992 by Trip Reasearch inc. and several years later was renamed STI international.

History of the 2011 development


Thanks for the link. Very interesting read. So I gather the original 2011 was not an STI product. I'm still very interested to find the approximate date of manufacture of my STI the details of which are in the OP. Any help will be much appreciated.

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Also, the first ones were sold by Chip McCormick and had CMC on the grips. Somewhat of a collectors item by now. I had one of the first ones and they only came with one mag and you could not get any others for awhile. Also, it was just the frame kit.

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I had the same question about the age of my STI Edge... All I did was contact STI International and they gladly looked it up for me ...

dang it ... should have read the rest of your post. sorry

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