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I never thought to post on here about my stolen guns, but a fellow shooter recommended that I do just in case they would ever show up. Long story short on Aug 1, 2009 my house was broken into during the day and I had 3 guns in my range bag that were taken. I figured that over that past couple years they would be recovered do to the uniqueness of the guns, but the local police dept still has no leads.

All 3 guns are reported stolen through NCIC database, so hopefully they will show up someday!

Please keep your eye out for the following guns:

1. S&W 627-3 VCOMP with CMORE Optic/Mount S# CFL0146

2. Ruger 22/45 with JPoint Optic/Mount S# 225-18738

3. Bedell Custom 9mm Open Shorty 2011 with CMORE Optic/Mount S# SAS9070

Thanks for your help!!


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Sorry to hear about it. Given the relatively specialized market of the competition guns, suggest we have a pinned thread in the Classifieds section for stolen firearms, their descriptions, and their serial numbers, so that would-be buyers from this forum can quickly check before buying either from this site or before buying on other sites such as uspsa.org, gunbroker.com, or gunsamerica.com.

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Any pictures? There is a chance somebody might see it at a match. Someone might even have bought it and not realize they have a stolen gun. If you don't have pictures, maybe a description.

The only one I had a picture of was my Bedell Open Gun that Dan sent me. I also had a Kidd Blast shield installed that is not in the pictures.

The S&W 627 VCOMP was Stainless, Prelock, Pinshooters mount, Grey CMORE, Hogue rubber grip, Hogue extended release.

The Ruger 22/45 was 5.5 bull barrel, blued, JPoint Mount/Jpoint



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