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Lurker with legit sizing question...

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Hello all, I've enjoyed the wealth of knowledge on this site for years, and finally have a question I haven't found answered anywhere.

Companies like RCBS manufacture and market 'Small Base' die sets for autoloading military rifles to aid in feeding and add a measure of safety. Hornady's 223, 308, and .30-06 dies are small-based to begin with.

I've recently discovered the immense value in prepping cases with the Rapid Trim 1200B. I decap in one station, and use the Rapid Trim to size and trim (of course setting up the die with a headspace comparator).

My question:

Is the Dillon Rapid Trim die 'small-base' enough to use with tight-chamber AR15 and M1A match rifles? I would certainly hate to make a large run of match ammo and find out none of it works. Please help.


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I use a lyman case gauge to check all of my sizing and finished product. It has tighter tolerances than the Dillon and the JP (Dillon being loosest). If it fits in there I have no qualms running it in my JP-15. However if you have a real zoot suit rifle, you might contact the manufacturer and see what case gauge they reommmend.

So in a roundabout way of answering your question - I nor any of my buddies have had problems getting our rapid trims to create rounds for our "tight-chamber" ARs. We are all using the die that came with the trimmer and haven't experienced issues.

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