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SV stainless slide on steel frame


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Don't believe anyone who says don't use a stainless gun because it will jam when it gets hot. Right now I'm running an Infinity Open gun that was worked over by Ed Cameron into a shorty. It has a stainless slide and frame. It is accu-railed, so I can't comment on the galling too much.

But, everything I have read says that if you have a stainless slide you should go with a carbon frame to lessen the galling. Stainless on stainless will be fastest to gall. My accu-railed setup shows zero signs of galling and is as tight and smooth as a 2011 can be after approximately 8,500 rounds. I'm talking no perceivable play. Not between the slide and the frame or the stainless Schuemann barrel and the slide. The thing is a vault.

Just last weekend I ran 300 rounds of major power factor 38 supercomp through it in 30 minutes with not a single jam. After those 300 rounds I could touch the comp on the barrel without any unpleasant burning. It was also just as buttery smooth as before I started shooting.

Another thing I should add, I was doing it in about 45 degree weather. if you try that in 100 degree weather your barrel may be a bit hotter than myne was.

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The last four Infinity pistols I had (or still have) were 100% Stainless steel and I never had any problem with them. The next ones will also be 100% stainless and I doesn't expect anything different than the previous ones.

I've shot one Infinity pistol built with stainless slide and carbon steel frame and It ran like a champ with different ammo. The gun was even tried by Blake Miguez and It shot like an SMG in his hands.

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Infinity stainless pistols do not have the galling issues seen with other stainless guns because of their heat treating process and the tolerances they use. I would be a little worried about it with any other manufacturer.

I have handled more than a few different Infinity pistols with steel frames and stainless slides. It can be a good look IMO.

If you go to this link and look under the 5.4" Infinity gallery there was a sweet 5.4" at the Infinity Euro match last year that had a steel frame and a stainless slide. It looked great.


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