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2012 8th NRA World Action Pistol Championship

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To make you aware of the progress of the Team Selection of the US Team for the 8th WAPC in Germany 12-16 September. The qualification list has been completed, the selection was made as it has been in 2008 & 2010, the final scores from the Bianchi Cup in 2010 & 2011 were used.

We are waiting to hear back from Germany as to how many teams they will allow from each Division & Category and how many members can be on each team?

As soon as we get that information the invitation letters will go out, if you plan on attending the 8th WAPC, sign up as soon as possible. If there are not enough competitors to fill the team slots, we will fill them with Americans that are attending.

Any questions contact us at actionpistol@nrahq.org DO NOT send emails or questions to this forum, we do not monitor or reply to them often enough to be effective.

NRA Pistol Dept.

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Hey all,

I now understand there are 12 people on the USA Shooting team to go to Germany. As we all know, the USA does not fund athlete's like some other countries so we're left to find our own way. Here's the catch, NRA has very limited funding available for the team. Tickets from the east coast are running about $1200 round trip right now.

Does anyone out there know of a private business willing to help fund the team? PM me if you have any thoughts, we'd like to raise at least $10,000.


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