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Stuart (eerw) My newfound CZ Gunsmith in CO.


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I am new to USPSA competition. So new I have yet to go see a match but love guns (all kinds).

30 days ago I watched a YouTube video by "Hickok45" on a CZ75B. After listen to him talk (ramble:) about this gun I wanted one.

Somehow during the process of researching, and learning about the different variations I wound up ordering a CZ Custom SP01 Shadow Target.

I was just looking for another plinker 9mm. After reading about the description of the Shadow on the CZ Website competition ready USPSA Production Division pistol.

I started to look into USPSA Production Division and found this web site. I read everything I could about the pistol. I never met Stuart (eerw) but was amazed with his feedback/assistance/professionalism to everyone on the forum. When I discovered that there was much more that could be done to the gun (trigger/reliability modifications) I was eager to get to the next level or two(due to my personality;not due to my shooting ability let me be clear).

I contacted Stuart to work on my gun (he was one of the veterans that welcomed me to the forum after I introduced myself in the Forum section "Introduce Yourself").

After a quick turnaround I am very pleased. I have not yet shot the gun. I just wanted to document the trigger pulls for my records, here they are.

Measured with Lyman digital scale

1lbs 5.4oz trigger spring pre-travel weight

SA Trigger pull weight

2.2.7 (2lbs 2.7 oz.)






Average 2lbs 2.5 oz Average DA

5lbs. 7.0oz average DA pull weight

After 2 long conversations with Stuart about everything CZ and how fun competing is in Production Div. I have ordered a CR Speed belt (with pouches), Bladetec Holster, VZ Grips and I am still looking for 5 more mags!

Hopefully I will show up at a Match next week to watch and learn (somewhere between Pueblo, CO. to and Ft. Collins, CO.)

Maybe the next week I can shoot in a match. I just want to have fun! Life is short.

Thank-you Stuart your trigger job on my Shadow is GREAT; I have 3 Dan Wesson 1911 triggers that are ready for you too.

Thank-you Brian Enos for your forum and all the other helpful people that contribute to this forum.

Oh and God Bless Al Gore for inventing the internet :)

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Stuart is the MAN!!! He did all the work on my SP01 and it has given me years of flawless service as my 3 gun pistol. I am lucky enough to live in the same city as he does... dont be jealous!!

And as a bonus he is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Stuart helped me out alot when I first got into IPSC shooting.

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