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Hello from Milwaukee


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I'm fairly new to the Milwaukee are moving here from Massachusetts (toughest state to own a gun). I'm looking forward to try my hand at IDPA and USPSA. I would love to find a 3 gun match!

I'm shooting a G34 and I have always shot factory ammo in 115 gr. After reading a lot of this forum, it looks like a lot of you have better results with 124/125 or 147 gr bullets.

I also have just started to load my own ammo and looking forward to try out a couple of different recipes. My family gave me a press and some basic supplies to get started. I'm using a RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme kit, Pistol Powder (which looks as if NO one uses it on this forum), and Speer 115 TMJ. I loaded what I have and now anxious to try them out at the range on Sunday. In the meantime, I purchased a pound of Titegoup and 100 each of Hornady's 115 XTP and 124 XTP. Obviously, both powders should work with the factory recipes but the Pistol Powder uses almost 50% more powder and at roughly the same price as the Titegroup it makes sense just to use it up and be done with it.

Here are my first tests (with results to come Sunday night)


Once fired brass

Winchester Primers

Pistol Powder 6.4

Speer 115 TMJ

OAL @ 1.135 (straight recipe from Speer manual)

#2/3 (same brass and primers)

Pistol Powder 6.4

Horn. XTP 115


Titegroup 4.1

OAL @ 1.125

#4/5 (same brass and primers)

Pistol Powder 6.0


Titegroup 4.1

Horn. XTP 124

OAL@ 1.125

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