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Need Caspian Followers.


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Early last year, I moved to CA. for a couple of months and I disassembled my Caspian Hi-Caps. Now that I'm back up in WA, I'm getting ready for the season and for the life of me, I can't find the followers. I could have sworn I threw them in the bag with the springs and tubes. Any idea where to buy them? Will the EAA followers work or is it better to go with something else.

Gratuitous gun pron. NO, I don't have nice purty nails, a buddies wife was shooting it ;)


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Looks like you are running the old mag style. If so, these are exact replacements: http://www.egwguns.com/miscellaneous-parts/modified-follower-for-2-caspian-basepad/

I ordered a couple for spares and they are exactly like the originals I had in my old mags.

The new mags from caspian have the "hump" on the follower on the opposite side and your first loaded round may bump into the internal mag indents on the bottom of the mag as you reach the 19 round mark (notice that they are a different size on each side). Also, the new followers just won't fit the old mags very well without some reshaping.

If you need/want pics for comparison I can post later.

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