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mark 3 1-3 for 3gun


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I have been using one with the CM-R2 reticle for a few months.

The good: true 1X, rugged, no separate mount, good optical quality.

The bad: not daylight bright

- 3x max (which I believe is just really less than 3x more like 2.8-2.9). I started with irons so 3X is like looking through the Hubble Space telescope to me.

- Eye relieve is sensitive.

I like it, the CM-R2 (BDC) reticle is simple and easy to use. It is designed for a 200yd zero using 855 (62gr) load but works well with most loads out to 400 maybe 600 on a Larue sized target. I have mine sighted in with Hornady Steel Match 75gr at 200yds.

The illumination is not daylight bright, not really close.

I rarely use the illumination and can easily see the reticle against most targets.

I like it and have done OK in a couple of matches with it.

David E.

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I used one for a lot of years and only recently switched to a 1.5-5 Leupold. I just swapped it over to the CM-R2 reticle last spring. It worked just fine with the circle dot out to just past 300 but then it got squirelly. The CM-R2 is a great reticle for our sport. I think it's still a great scope for short to mid range matches. And as long as the targets are reasonable size you shouldn't have any problem with it for 3 Gun.

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