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If you run an 8.5# or 11.5# HS


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You may have to start the trailblazing and find yourself coming up with that sort of info on your own, as those CGW kits are still pretty new on the scene and there isn't a whole lot of guys out there running them quite yet...

The general theory (or perhaps better word "idea") is that going lighter on the recoil-spring will increase slide speed and decrease your sights dipping when the action closes as well as decrease felt recoil as the impulse hits you for a shorter length of time... but, there is a tipping point where if the gun is too lightly sprung it can feel as though the slide is banging off the frame which feels rough as it's more of a collision than a controlled cycle, so it takes some experimentation...

Many of us have lots of miles using 11lb or 10lb recoil-springs with 13lb hammer-springs, I'd guess the softer hammer-springs you are running aren't "braking" the slide nearly as much so guess I'd start trying slightly heavier recoil-springs (12,13,14lb...) until it starts to feel like you're seeing/feeling an improvement.

Good luck.

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Thank you.

Just spent an hour or two testing a whole bunch of options and so far my preference is what you wrote except my 135gr is a Bear Creek at 4.2 WST set 1.145 with Federals. That reload is also my 1911 9mm but at 1.140 for reliable feeding. My 11# RS is brand new.

The oem SP01 Shadow recoil spring (gosh, is it a 18#??) with the 8.5# was not cutting it. Nor was the 147gr at 3.6 WST 1.150 with the 8.5# HS and 11#.

Started thinking of putting in a 13# HS but since I've already put the money and effort into the extended FP and reduced FP spring it makes no sense making the DA heavier to remedy the slide speed.

The timer shows the 11# and 8.5# combo is much faster with the aforementioned 135g 4.2 reload than the now seemingly sluggish 147 3.6 reload. Brass dropping about 5 or 7 feet away. I'd like the casings about 2 or 3 feet away like my 9mm Spartan's lighter spring setup.

Other option is what someone messaged me: try a 124gr bullet or a 14# recoil spring.

8.5# HS, 11# recoil spring well worn, 135gr Bayou Bullet w/4.2gr WST set 1.145, extended firing pin and reduced firing pin spring, runs Winchester SPP no problem.

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