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IPSC Rules Committee Removed Virginia Count Scoring?

Chris Keen

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The VC need for El-Prez was needed to mandate the reload more so than extra shots. In this day and skill level though, there's not much advantage gained from hitting each with 4 then slapping in the load and burning some rounds into the berm or just eating one procedural.

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Now, if only we can convince them that using 9 rounds into a magazine after declaring Major is a bump to Open, rather than a bump to Minor.

Why should we convince them? That's not the way we deal with our similar rule in Single Stack, is it.

I though that this thread concluded that for USPSA it's a bump to Open, while for IPSC it was simply a bump to minor:


After reflecion and consultation with my fellow RMs, it is apparent that we do indeed send folks to Open for this infraction ... An interesting difference of point of view on two sets of substantially identical rules (on this topic.) Accordingly, I hereby retract my previous statement.

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