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930 replacement and extended shell tube


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I've been reading for some time now about a 930 and I have one now (just could not wait any longer for Jerry's version). I've read time and time again about issues with tube extensions having issues, either with the spring or the junction with the extension. So I was talking with my good friend about making a complete replacement for the stock tube in his machine shop. I know this will not fix any spring issues but my questions is has anyone seen this before and what do you think about the idea?

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The Mossberg tube with just a little hand work and the Nordic tube are a proven combination.

If the custom tube is cheaper/free than sure, otherwise there is no real need.

Some have tried to link the transition to the hand cycling issue, if you take your gun with the mag cap, spring and follower removed and insert shells you should be able to get 5 shells plus a little of the 6th shell in the tube tight against the shell stop. So when loaded to any shell combination, with or without an extension the shell at the shell holder is under tension. If shells hang up in the transition you will know when either unloading by hand when the spring pressure lets off without the shells coming out or the gun fails to load when shooting and you can look down the mag tube from the receiver end and see the shells not against the shell stop.

Mine was only noticeable when unloading by hand and was corrected by hand working the transition and bending the spring tip so the follower would not cock and catch the transition.

If it cost more than the Nordic I would save my money and buy "bullets".

Will the wall thickness and material be as light as the Nordic or close?

He will be cutting female square threads to match the Mossberg tube external threads in a thin aluminum tube on a lathe. Someone in his shop has some old school skills.

David E.

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