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Do I have a battery/barrel issue, or just need to break-in my gun


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My Son and I just picked up a couple of new M&P Pro 9mm's. If I didn't have 2 of them side by side, I wouldn't be worried so much yet. Right out of the box his seems fine. Mine how ever seems to have a little glitch in the last 1/8" of travel when going into battery. If I let it slam, it's fine. But it is kinda easy to pull out of battery. Easier than his anyway. It will come back that 1/8". It seems like there is a snag there. And I can hear it clunking over that last 1/8". This is doing this with the mag in or out. I did field strip and clean it with CLP. I've handled 4 new M&P's and none of the others do this. I have now fired 100 round's through it with no change.

I guess what my main concern is should I go ahead and keep shooting it and see if it breaks in. Or is that snag in it something I should have looked at. I'd hate to tare something up.

By swapping part's back and forth with my Son's gun, I have found that this is an issue with the barrel. It only does it with my barrel in either gun. I did find a small burr. I don't know if that would be the trouble or not. I've sanded it lightly as much as I dare with some emery paper. It hasn't changed anything. Like I said. I don't even know if this would be the exact problem. I hope you can see it in the pic. Any opinion's on if this could be it.

I'm going to keep shooting it and see what happens. But... I've read just briefly about fitting a new, or custom barrel. I'm wondering if my barrel isn't fiting just right. It actually has a burr on top of the barrel too. May or may not be nothing. Thanks for any input.



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