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Just getting started - Which gun?


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I'm just getting started and am looking for advice on a new airsoft pistol to train for Steel Challenge, IDPA, USPSA, etc.

I'm a retired solider and have many years shooting and a few years shooting 1911 competitions while in the US Army many years ago.

Now I would like to train over the winter and prepare for competition. I like Product to Limited, so not much in the way of mods needed.

I have narrowed the choice down to a KWA 1911 MK III PTP or ATP. I've picked KWA because of the US based support/forums and they seem to have OEM parts and manuals for their older pistols. I also like that they have metal parts where they should.

Anyone have any advice on these two airsoft pistols?

Also, holster advice and is there a fibre optic front sight that will fit?



PS. I have ordered BAM Airsoft Steel Challenge Set and have an iPod Touch with ShotTimer

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I just picked up the MK IV a few days ago and so far love it... fits in my 1911 holsters, has good power and is quite accurate. Fit and finish is great the blow back is crisp, sights are adequate. I'm sure the ATP will be just as good. Let us know what you decide and how it works for you.. happy training!

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I bought the KWA ATP a Blade-Tech Pro Series IDPA PAK and a Wilderness Tactical Products Original Instructors Belt in 1.5" with the CSM option.

The pistol is very accurate and the new holster fits perfectly. The pistol POI was a little left of POA so I drifted the rear sight slightly and now POA/POI at 15 feet is perfect.

I also picked up a BAM Airsoft Steel Challenge Set and have on order a Competitive Edge Dynamics' CED8000 timer.

I will add some more USPSA type targets soon and some walls as well.

Also as recommended by BAM Airsoft black BB's.

I need to do some research on sights. I would like to change to Warren Tactical Series Sevigny Competition but not sure if they will fit. The KWA ATP front sight is mounted in a dovetail but Glock uses a screw in and I'm not sure if the read dovetail is the same size as a standard rear Glock sight. Anyone have any ideas?

I believe I have everything needed for successful home training.

Please leave comments if you think I'm on the right track or have missed anything.

Thanks for reading,


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