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2012 California Action Shotgun Challenge 9-30-2012

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The California Action Shotgun Challenge is going to be held Sept 30, 2012 at the Richmond Hotshots action range in Richmond, CA. I've had a yearly local Shotgun only action match for the last few years and always wondered if there might be interest for a bigger match. Well, here it is..

This will be a 6 stage all shotgun match consisting of Shot and slugs.. Shot sizes are anything from 00 buck down to #9, shooter's choice. There will be various steel sizes and types, various clay sizes, and various aerial clays being thrown. There may be any of different challenges to conquer and the scoring will be time plus using EZ-Winscore. There are 4 divisions. Open, Limited, Field, and Cowboy.. the latter two divisions have not been well represented, but I'm hoping a few people step up. There will be separate prize tables for each division. The Rules shall be posted soon.

We will likely hold the match to a capacity of ~75 shooters. Since we need to combine two stages on a single bay, we will split squads up into groups of 15 shooters. It has not been decided if we will have dedicated RO's or if we will have RO's on each squad that will be shooting and part of the match staff helping to keep things going. Round count is still unknown but we usually say at most 250 rounds of birdshot/buck and at most 25 slugs though that may change. If you want to be squadded with someone specific, please note that on your entry application and I will do my best to accomodate. As always, the earlier you make your request, the more likely you will be able to shoot with who you want to. If you are sharing a gun, make a note of that on the entry form.

The Application is posted Here

This is meant as a prize match. I am actively looking for stage sponsors and a match sponsor also. Please contact me via pm if interested. We hope to see you there.

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could field division mean "Something you might carry in the field while hunting"?

Like grandpa's old bolt action with the cast iron buttplate, 32" barrel 2 1/2 round capacity and a dodgy extractor?

or Urban field shotgun?

a cut down pistol grip mossburg with no bead sight and you must shoot Terminator style, pump and load and shoot with your right hand only?

But i think field is a walmart remington 870, with no extra go fast parts or sights and a three + one capacity.

I think they should have a Sweet 16 Class. and every body can finally have a reason to grab daddy's old A5 out the back of the safe and take the old girl out for a run.

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I looked it up

Off the web sight

6.3 Field

6.3.1 Shotguns must comply with Limited Shotgun Rules (6.2)

6.3.2 This division is meant for standard field guns with the

plug removed but no extended magazine tube installed.

Maximum loaded rounds is 5 in magazine tube and 1 in

the chamber. The basis for this division is a standard

Mossberg 500, with the magazine block removed.

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Yep.. that would be field.. It seems that everyone has a field gun (standard 870 or Mossy 500). It's the division for people without a lot of gear that still want to play. That's also why I'm restricting that division to dump pouches, hunting type vest pockets, and the like.. The sweet 16 would be more than welcome.. remove the plug and I think it's a 4+1 capacity.. someone asked about using a Beretta A303 which is a 3+1 endeavor.. Mostly I'm trying to get some of the people who are not specifically 3 gun shooters over into the match. Our club has a lot of shotgunners but not all of them play the action game, this would be a good vehicle to give them a taste using equipment they likely already own. I've run the match on a local level for the last couple of years and I usually get a handfull of people in Field and Cowboy. I'm debating shooting my non-extended mag tube Gold in Field for the match.

No pump division?

I've seen a local shooter run a Mossy 500 that placed 3rd overall in a shotgun match of about 35 ppl.. so it could be one of the three allowable divisions.. I have an 870 with a +6 tube that could put me into Limited or open if I put optics on it.. Note that if you have a sg with a very long mag tube, open starts with 10+1 but can go full capacity after the buzzer.. same goes for Limited.. 8+1 to start, load to full cap after that.

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