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New here was told that this forum is full of info so had to join . I'm in St Louis Mo getting ready for my first IDPA match stock service pistol or SSP I'm learning looking forward to it just gathering load data for now I'm liking 147gr berry rn with 3.5 gr titegroup C.O.A.L is 1.155 chrono at 880, and 124 berry flat nose with 3.9 titegroup C.O.A.L 1.080 chrono 1040 I like them both but can't decide these are going through a Glock 34 gen 4 but thinking of using my 26 but can't decide on that ether.Where to start so I can be ready?

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Welcome to the forums.

There are a whole lot of shooters from St. Louis on the forums.

If you want to, you might check out the StLouisShooters forum in my signature if you aren't familiar with it already.

I don't know didly about IDPA (not many clubs around here) but I would think the 34 would be much easier to shoot.

If you are interested in USPSA matches there are some in central Illinois that some St. Louis guys travel to.



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