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Anyone reloading .45 using Clays


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4.3 gr w/200 gr BayouBullets SWC or Precison 200 gr RN or SWC. SWC's set 1.260 and RN set at 1.220.

Do you find the 200gn softer shooting than the 230gn? I find the 230's softer in the BayouBullets. Or is it different in every gun. This is the thing that I find fascinating.What works perfect for one gun and person is the opposite for another. By the way you are the load data guru for every caliber. :bow: Edited by johnny1gun
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Do you find the 200gn softer shooting than the 230gn?:

I find the 230gr softer, but 200gr gets me back on target quicker.

You just have to experiment to find what works for you and your gun.

Some like a slow, soft push...other like it quick and snappy... :D

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3.7gr Clays @ 1.240" with a 230gr Bayou RN. Averaging 750fps (172pf) out of my S&W 1911. Soft as it gets in a .45.

Some folks claim the heavier bullets don't cycle fast enough for them. On our peekaboo disappearing motion targets at our IDPA club, I have consistently been able to get 3 hits before the target disappears with the above 230gr load. So much for the slow cycling rule of thumb!

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3.8gr Clays with Zero 230gr FMJ at 1.250" OAL. Chrono'd to 738 FPS average in my Spartan which was about 170 PF.

At what temperature?

I need 4 grains to reliably make major, down to freezing. :surprise:

My log says mid 60's when i chrono'd those. The gun is new if it matters. I also have a Dan Wesson and although i never chrono'd this Clays load, i did chrono both guns with N320 and got comparable velocities in both guns with that powder so it doesn't seem like an anomaly. If it still seems off, then either my powder scale is off or possibly my chrono.

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4.7 grs with a Missouri Bullet 200 gr LSWC goes 908fps for me out of a Taurus PT1911.


Wow. That sure seems like a lot of Clays.

No pressure signs?

.45 is a low pressure load. You'll find lots of folks running 4.6-4.8 gr Clays in .45 to make major.


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