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First Chrony results


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Made it out to a friends place with a Chrony this week.

Took the kids, and had a great day shooting my girls new 22 with them and using a friend's chrony to get some data points.

I am pretty much just running it by yall for any input, regarding any aspect.

The weapon tested is a Springfield XDM 40 S&W with a 4.5" barrel.

I fired a minimum of 10 rounds for each change in powder weight.

*Speers 165g .400 TMJ FN

*Winchester small pistol primer

*First run Starline brass

*Power Pistol Powder

A. 7 grains, AVG = 1079 / HIGH = 1129 / LOW = 1043

B. 7.4 grains, AVG = 1129 / HIGH = 1154 / LOW = 1111

C. 7.7 grains, AVG = 1152 / HIGH = 1184 / LOW = 1135

Summary: I could not tell a difference between the starting and finishing loads with regards to "felt, received, or perceived" recoil :)

I also ran previous identical loads using 10 at each .1 change in weight to look for signs of pressure, but did not have a chrony at that time. None of the rounds fired previously or during these runs showed any signs of pressure with regards to outside the primer. I will get a pic up.

The kids were getting restless so I finished up my testing so everyone could shoot:

*Speers 180g .400 TMJ FN

*CCI small pistol primer

*First run Starline brass

*Power Pistol Powder

A. 6.2 grains, AVG = 966 / HIGH = 976 / LOW = 947

B. 6.3 grains, AVG = 983 / HIGH = 1001 / LOW = 957

C. 6.6 grains, AVG = 1014 / HIGH = 1036 / LOW = 1002

D. 7.1 grains, AVG = 1076 / HIGH = 1106 / LOW = 1063

Using the Dillon 550B purchased from Brian.

How do these look to you?

Where should I see the best "least felt", or snap back to target with regards to powder charge?

I know my own training and understanding of the fundamentals is the place to be, but I am having a great time making bullets and want to make them right :)

MY usage is for plinking, but I am trying to be accruately and comfortably plinking. I also want it to be easy on my 13,12, 11 and 8 yr old girls :)

I am also loading some 45 ACP along with this 40 S&W. I haven't decided which powder to use for each. I have 1 lb. Hogdon HS-6, 8 lbs. Hodgon Titegroup, 1 lb. Alliant Bullseye, and of course the Power Pistol. Which would you prefer for each caliber?

I can not stress how important this site and its users are. As always thanks!

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For the kiddo's load up some 40 minor, that wold be something like 4.0gr of WST or 3.8gr of N320 with 180 gr bullet.

I nee to pickup some WST, but for now I need to use some of the powder I have, IE the 8 lbs of Titegroup.

I looked everywhere online, my Lyman, and my Speers manuals, and could not find a recipe for 45 ACP, Titegroup, Sierra 185 GR FPJ or Sierra 230 GR FMJ. I am assuming I can substitute any FMJ for any other?

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Ive had good luck with titegroup for 40 i load 4.6 grains behind montana gold 180 g fmjs with an oal of 1.127. I avg about 950 fps out of a glock g35.

Is this a "middle" load?

Would it still be best to drop back 10% and work up?


Thats the load i use for major matches it gives me a 5 power factor cushion at the chrono. It will probable be a little slower out of your xd due to the shorter barrel. For minor i have been using 4.3 grains behind the same bullets. You should play with the loads to balance the softness and accuracy you are looking for but those loads should be a good starting point.

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