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First off, Happy New Year everyone! :cheers:

On my new rifle I built for multi gun, I am using 1 red dot sight(non magnified),no iron sights. Pump action, iron sight shotgun and a single stack 1911 .45acp.

It seems I can enter into Limited Division? But also I can enter Tactical Division? What would be the benefit or handicap of entering one or the other?


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You could enter TO I guess (I would stick with Limited). Difference is that in TO you allowed a variable powered scope (may give an edge for distance targets). At the local matches I go, most stick with Limited with your setup, however... a friend of mine shoots TO with an EoTech (which he could go Limited) but he threw on a x3 magnifier behind it which made him a little more competitive in TO. So in short, TO would be a slight handicap, not a benefit. Not saying you cant do well, just equipment wise.

Could buy a 308 rifle and go HM since the pistol and shotgun fit the profile. :D

And happy New Year.

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