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AR Hand Stop w barricade brace

Brian Lambert

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Pretty neat. I've used the LaRue hand stop and Noveske K9 (not at the same time), very innovative to combine both ideas. Be kind of nice to try if only it could attach to a rail (idea for future development?). :P

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Not to burst your bubble, but isn't Noveske's next gen K-9 (I think its already on the NST website) going to incorporate a sling point?

Rob Romero and I ( of the NST) have been testing the forthcoming Gen II K-9 and yes, it will incorporate a QD sling point as well as be the most streamlined of any handstop currently available.

We generally give things a 3-6 month major match experience testing period before releasing it to the public and for good reason. If we are happy with it, then we think our shooting peers will be too until then we don't want to waste their time or money with something that was rushed to market for whatever reason.

Needless to say, we have had the Gen II K-9 in development for awhile, it will become public officially at SHOT... along with a few extra goodies we have in development.

Just as a teaser:


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