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Dillon dies debulge glock brass?


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So I finally put my bulged brass thru my Dillon press w/ std Dillon .40 sizing die. I put all thru my stock G22 and G23 w/out a single issue. I worried about all this for nothing. But then again, I am not using a 'tight' chamber/bbl. But still there was only .002" diff around the 'bulged' area and the rim post sizing, seating. crimping. I'm going to try a few of those resized brass in an XDm next and see what happens.

It's all good...


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Hi everyone.

OK... total newbie, here. I'm trying to clear something up from the 1000's of posts I've read on the .40 glock bulge 'issue'. Can I run a sanity check by those who deal with this to see if I'm on the right track? Also, please feel free to add any comments, suggestions, etc. ( I apologize if this seems a 'beat-to-death' topic. But I shoot stock Gen4 Glocks, have a ton of Glock-fired brass, and I'm waiting for my new Dillon 550b to ship to me any day...all with Dillon .40 dies)

1. It seems that if I reload Glock fired brass and shoot it thru my stock Glock bbl, I'm OK, generally, with just the stage 1 Dillon sizing die?

2. If I need a non-Dillon sizing die to address a bulge/chambering issue, I could get a Lee .40 sizing die and just replace the Dillon in stage 1? It also decaps AND re-primes?

3. Is a 4th stage Crimp die necessary on .40 SW or can I substitute it with another 'bulge fixing' dies post-bullet setting (stage 3). If so, which die options are worthy of the task?

Please keep in mind I have a 4-stage 550b, a Dillon case gage, std dillon .40 SW dies, and an uncomfortable feeling what I bought may not work and that I'll have to cycle my brass twice instead of just the std. progressive 4-stage process.

Thanks everyone!

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Been using the Lee carbide sizer for years. No issues what so ever. OTOH what do I know. I still shoot lead bullets out of a Glock barrel. Forgot to mention that I tossed all of my LFC dies years ago.

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