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930 Mossberg first shots!


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Took my new 24" Mossberg 930 turkey model out today for the first time.

I am always leary about taking a dremel to a NIB gun. I had the self control to only install the Coate bolt handle, Nordic +5 tube, and Nordic tube clamp before this first trip.

I shot one box of each Winchester el'cheapo, Winchester AA, Federal #8Target loads, and Federal #7 1/2 field loads.

I experienced two FTF and one FTE. The FTE was with Federal Target loads, and the FTF was one Win AA, and one with Federal Target loads.

The FTF are most concerning to me. Both of these malfunctions were on first shots. I used the bolt release button to drop the carrier on both of these live rounds and they failed to go bang when I pulled the trigger.

I am going to take the gun apart and give it a good cleaning/lubing before me next range trip. Anyone recommend specific areas I should pay attention to?

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take the gas piston thing apart per the instructions in this forum and clean it good with a wire brush or whatever bvecause the gunk or whatever under the rings will prevent it from going into battery.....i've been running mine pretty hard the last couple of months and i had more than just a few FTF today.....i just took mine apart and could not believe how much crap was under the rings....good shoot'n.....D I C K

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