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Predator Tactical SLP - AR Build - 1911s


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AR- Build Parts (I think I got it all, extremely light weight 6lb rifle)

* Spikes Unmarked Stripped Lower

* Bravo Company Upper

* Bravo Company 14.5in Barrel w/ mid length gas

* Gunfighter Charging Handle size Medium

* BCM buffer tube and H2 Buffer

* Battle Comp 1.5

* Young Mfg full auto BCG with staked carrier key

* LaRue UDE Stock-MOE Grip-Foregrip-Rail Covers

* Magpul BAD level

* Magpul ASAP

* Magpul MBUS v2 sights

* Magpul Enhanced Trigger Guard

* Alexander Arms Single Stage Trigger

* Aimpoint T-1 with LaRue Mount

* Stag Ambi Safety

FN SLP 12g w/24in vent rib barrel, built by Predator Tactical for 3 gun Tactical/Limited Division

* Opened Loading Port, handguard and smoothing filler

* Welded Lifter

* Nordic Tube and other parts plus tuning

* Annoed Olive green

* Currently Stippling the foregrip, 2 hours got me 1/8th of it done, slow process when I want to constantly shoot the thing.

* Mark Otto Load 2 belt rig

* Stickers are my own




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1911's (Stainless is Dan Wesson CBOB 45 and STI Trojan 9mm- the ones I talked about in my other thread)

* Dan Wesson CBOB 45 has thin alumagrips, rest is stock for carry. Leather holster is Comp-tac M-tac, kydex holster is Comp-tac as well.




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Great pictures Punished, looks like you have plenty of shooting to do every weekend. At least I wouldn't know which one to choose so I would bring them al.

With the ability to shoot USPSA 2x a week, action shotgun 1x a week, carbine once a month and 3 gun every so often.... my bank account doesn't agree with me. I'm working my way to shoot 3 gun and be happy with it my 1-2 times a month outings.

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