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Crimson Trace Midnight 3Gun Invitational

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I'm happy to announce the Crimson Trace Midnight 3Gun Invitational match in Bend, OR on July 15-17, 2012. This will follow the NW Multigun but will be a unique match in it's own right. The match will comprise 8 stages of fire. Staff will shoot on Sunday following the NW Multigun with competitors shooting Monday and Tuesday. The awards ceremony will be on Wednesday. This is a night match. We will be shooting between 9PM and about 2AM each day. There will be some awesome stage guns that will be provided by our sponsors with the opportunity to shoot some gear that you won't be able to anywhere outside the military.

This match will be invitational only. We are looking for the best of the best to compete for a large cash purse and prizes. Unfortunately due to the time constraints and how much longer it takes to run shooters at night safely we will only have about 80 slots for the main match. Competitor invitations will go out soon.

What I need now is staff. Thanks to our already committed sponsors, Crimson Trace, Leupold, Warne and others we will be taking care of our staff very well. Please email the Match Director, Chuck Anderson at chuck@andersontactical.com if you are interested. Since it is an invitational match you can guarantee your entry by working the match as well. Staff will be included in the final scores and be included in the prizes, in addition to the RO package.

I just took a look at the facility yesterday and this is going to be a great match.

I promise much more information over the next month.

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Dude, what more do you want, running around in the middle of the desert with your three guns, plus a bunch of other peoples machine guns, night vision, ammo and other gear...all at night. What more do you need to know. You're gonna RO for me anyway right Shawn?

Just drew up 7 of the 8 stages today. 8th will be done as soon as possible. Rules are done, just need a website to put them up on. Oh, and we confirmed Travis Gibson as RM this morning.

This is shaping up very well. The only way to guarantee a spot in the match at this time is to be on staff. I've already had several people email me and join up.

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