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Anyone got the Leupold VX-6 1-6x24 yet?

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Hmm, not much more I can add to the topic name really. I've seen it for sale on multiple websites now, going from older threads on this forum it didn't use to have illumination but the ones on sale now does. The scope looks like it could work really well for 3-gun and it's very nicely priced too, the reticle selection could've been better but I guess a german #4 could work quite nicely.

I've not seen any reviews so far on this scope and I am very curious about it.

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I can't even find a VX6 on the Leupold site. Where did you see one ??

I was seeing them on various online stores and figured they where out for sale:



You are right though I cannot find a VX-6 on leupolds site either so maybe these places are just putting them up without being able to deliver?

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The illuminated version should be available in the next month or so

I was talking with their marketing director this morning and we discussed this scope

My feedback was to make sure that it's DAYTIME bright!

and to offer a basic mildot or TMR reticle for it, not a BDC reticle

They are coming out with their Mark 6 scopes which will have zero stops, 34 mil tubes, 6x erector so a 1-6, exposed turrets, etc..

I told him if the VX6 1-6 was setup right it could be a hot seller for 3g shooters

I have one on order with them for review

We also discussed custom reticles through the custom shop

being a 2nd plane scope a mildot or TMR type reticle would have to calibrated at 6x and I don't believe they have one..

If we can collect some feedback here I would be more than happy to deliver it

Will be meeting with him at SHOT in a few weeks

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They have to come out with a better reticle and make sure the illumination is daytime bright (not just visible), or come way down in price.

What would be a suitable reticle for this type of shooting? Horseshoe? What about the reticle selection from the VX-R 1.2-4x?

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