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Home security outdoor cameras and DVRs

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Is there anyone here who has any real info or experiance with home outdoor security cameras and DVRs?

I have one at the moment but my 4 channel DVR has dumped. I use a IR outdoor camera with a 1/3" CCD Sharp sensor with a 512x492 pix rate. Its got a 420TVL with a 60FPS speed. I am looking at a DVR


and will possibly upgrade the camera if I can find one that is recomended by a reliable source.

What I want is a weeks worth of playback at TV quality frame rate and pixels to be able to zoom in. For now just one camera at about 150-250-feet range with IR and I have carriage lights on the garage and motion lights to help with the IR night time recording.

Any experts around or good recomendations? All of this is at a budget of about $200-$300 for a GOOD long lasting DVR with a hard drive and another $100-$200 for a IR camera. I see lots of sources but need someone who works in this field for the really good stuff to recomend a homeowners level of budget.

I dont want to use my PC for recording and would like to keep the DVR out of sight or even in the gunsafe. I have a TV in the room for a monitor on an aux input.

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The amount of recording time and the frame rate you use is related. The higher the frame rate, the more memory you use. Maybe "data storage capacity" is a better description...... external memory like a stand alone hard drive will work with some models. The issue with zoom is a function of camera control and quality. What are you trying to get? You CAN freeze a license plate or zoom in on a face, but bring your checkbook. Example- I have a camera that can get a picture of a car in the drive and zoom in enough to see bugs smashed on the plate IF the car is parked. If the car is moving at all, the zoomed image is smudged. Is a camera avail that can trap the moving plate clearly? Sure. Does it cost LOTS more than the one I have? YES it does. The cameras and DVRs have come a long way in the last few years, but a great camera still costs.

Check in your area for a stand alone security hardware shop. They small shops usually have lots of knowledge because the employees are all involced with products and installations. They can tell you about the subtle differences and more importantly, if they are inclined, They can show you the difference.

As far as where you record, The DVR itself can be hidden in lots of places. Inside a cabinet or a pantry are good examples. Remember that it needs ventilation and don't skimp on the power hook up.... No Clark Griswald extension cord setups...... If you take the time to do it right it will work fine.

Good luck.

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