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First session with the SP01 Shadow


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Alrighty, range session #1 with the CZ SP01 Shadow is in the books. Properly de-greased, lubed and with favorite reloads we go. Most of my observations will sound familiar to many since I've read the same remarks after searching nearly everything about this Production division option. My SP01 Shadow....

Has a horrendously long and heavy DA. I knew a stock unbroken-in trigger may feel like that for a few hundred rounds; some report 1 lb less weight after extensive use. My Apex revolver spring kit in the 642 at 9# feels a lot nicer and my 625 JM's action job is on a whole other level....but I'm hopeful still. Tonight I took everything but the trigger bar out and cleaned, lubed and polished what many others have done.

The SA reset is nice. The trigger break is CRISP and nice. If for some reason I let the trigger all the way out after a shot then the pre-travel in SA is long, too. I had my worked-on 1911 9mm along and there's no comparison in pre-travel. Finally put the 1911 away to concentrate on CZ.

The 17rd Mec-Gar mags arrived today. I ordered 5. Using one during break-in just in case I don't get along with the Shadow and sell. Four unopened mags is a nice selling point.

The test target paper showed all 5 shots hit right of POA from 25m. I shot about 6" to 8" high at 20 yards with the very-accurate reloads my 1911 likes: Bear Creek 135g RN/4.0 WST/Fed/1.145 & the Bear Creek 147 FP/3.5 WST/Fed/1.130 are both high. Odd not having an adjustable rear since my 1911 and soon-departing xdm 5.25 9mm have them. Will read up on which TALLER and thinner f/o to get. The 135g reload is money in the 5" barrel and for convenience sake was hoping the CZ would be a laser with it, too.

Factory recoil spring is too strong. Easy fix going to 11#. I've read about extended firing pins, FP springs, HS8500, 13# with coils cut, etc. My FP measures 2.467 so I didn't get lucky with a long oem FP.

Great finish on the CZ. Big heavy beast that is so comfortable it makes the nice grip angle on the xdm 5.25 feel like my old Glock 34. It's a bit different but the Shadow probably fits my hand a touch better than the 1911.

Tomorrow I'll try a few more reloads along with the favorite 135g. I shoot in groups of 2 or 6 at varying distances, first shot always DA, and take time to work on grip and feel with the new pistol. With a firearm I have dialed in a few hundred rounds goes by in no time. With the break-in feeling out period I can spend a few hours and only shoot 50 rounds. Thankfully the sun was out today. Rain is in the forecast.

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