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What is the best value on an accurate scale?


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Check out the Gem Pro 250: http://www.oldwillknottscales.com/my-weigh-gempro-250.html

Most digital powder scales measure to 0.1 grain, and some of the cheaper ones convert from grams to grains and will therefore "skip" some 0.1 grain increments and go from (random example) 5.7 to 5.9 without ever reading 5.8. The Gem Pro 250 has 0.02 grain resolution, which means that it will tell you if your charge is 4.96 grains or 5.04 grains while scales with 0.1 grain resolution will read 5.0 grains if the charge is anywhere between 4.96 and 5.04.

I have one and like it a lot. Readings are repeatable and it holds its zero well.

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I use the rcbs range master 750 and I watched a video on youtube where a guy was trying to show the gempro was soo much better than the rcbs, but in the end they gave the same reading. I don't think that much resolution really matters in this sport.

edit: if you do end up watching that youtube video, my scale does not jump around like that one was.

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Thanks for the suggestions guys. I'll check em out.

Is there any "needed" difference between the gempro and the Mack 20???

Speaking as the guy who recommended the Gem Pro, if the Mack 20 offers 0.2 grain resolution for $65, buy that thing! I researched scales pretty heavily before purchasing the Gem Pro and I don't think the Mack 20 was available then.

Personally I think the extra resolution is helpful in loading handgun ammunition on a progressive press. I have a Chargemaster 1500 that I use for rifle reloading. It throws charges to within 0.1 grain and when I'm loading 30-06, I don't care much whether I get 53.2, 53.3 or 53.4 grains because on a percentage basis it's basically meaningless.

On the other hand when I'm setting up the powder measure for a progressive press and that powder measure can vary by +/- 0.1 grain or perhaps even +/- 0.2 grain depending on powder type, I'd prefer to know if the 5.0 grains I'm throwing is actually 4.96 or 5.04. This is especially true if I'm loading on the edge to hit major PF; all that error is potentially additive, and in handgun loads it's much more significant on a percentage basis. Given that most entry-level digital scales in the $25-40 range convert grams to grains and sometimes actually skip 0.2 grain at a time, I think laying out $65 on a scale with 0.02 grain resolution is money well-spent.

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For about half the price of them gempro but with the same .02 grain resolution vs .10 of most other scales. Look at the. Mack 20



+1 on these scales. I have an older model that has worked flawlessly for four years. You wouldn't buy a reloading rig from a scale manufacturer so why buy a scale from a reloading maching manufacturer?

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One should be very careful when paying attention to words like "resolution".

Resolution by itself is the cheapest parameter to add, and while sometimes impressive, means exactly zero by itself.

Much more important parameters are accuracy and repeatability. These are much harder and more expensive to achieve.

Unfortunately, they are also usually not specified. Of the three, the repeatability is the most fundamental, and the hardest to achieve. Without it, neither accuracy nor resolution have any meaning. But try to find it in the specs. Adding digits to the display is not a sure sign of a good scale... or ANY measuring device for that matter.

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