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Glock 34 reload


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i bought a Hornady reloader and am getting ready to get the "correct recipe" for my Glock 34 for the ammo. but the books are confusing as to different grain bullets and powder etc.. i don't see how you come up with the best "recipe" when a different combination of all these and different fps. the Lyman Reloading hand book will have several different combinations in the handbook for a different bullet. but one is in bold and it says it is probably the most accurate.

i have also learned to be sure to start with 10% less powder than listed for safety reasons. i have also been told it is easy to damage a Glock because of the material it is made out of.

my thoughts would be that the goal is to come up with a "recipe" that would produce the least recoil so as to get back on target for IDPA matches.

i currently have Alliant Bulls Eye, Hogdon Tite Group and Clays. Speer 124 GR TMJ and ZERO 115 JHP-C. Brass is off the floor from the range and i have cleaned it. Federal and CCI primers.Is there a good combination of these three to use or do i need something else like going to a 147 GR. i am currently reading some reloading books.

meant to meaniont i have had a light trigger spring installed and different sites. Also a spring to help lessen the recoil.

Purchased a Tactical Solutions conversion kit to a 22LR to help with any anticipation and i use snap caps. i am not a bad shot but i have been told that reloading is the best way to improve shooting other than the basic stands, grip, trigger control, etc..

There are some guys at the range that i want too "SHUT UP".

it is difficult for me to articulate this question that you have heard before.



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If you go to the 9mm/38 caliber loading section you'll see many different loads for 9mm.


I load 3.9 grains of tight group under a Montana Gold 124 grain JHP. During the primer shortage I used all sorts of primers but did not notice a difference. I load to 1.125.

Hope this helps,


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i am not a bad shot but i have been told that reloading is the best way to improve shooting other than the basic stands, grip, trigger control, etc..

You sure they are not talking about reloading the gun during a course of fire? Perfecting your reloads(changing mags) will improve your scores more than perfecting your reloads(ammo you make yourself).

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i don't see how you come up with the best "recipe" that would produce the least recoil

Russ, from reading this Forum, it is pretty easy to come up with some

great ideas about what loads will run well in your gun,

e.g. shooters are

split whether the 147 gr bullet feels better and softer, or the 124 gr

bullet is better and snappier - if you try both at 130 - 135 pf, you'll

soon know which side of the fence you stand on.

There are a lot of advantages to the N320, 330 or 340 powder, but they

are "expensive" and hard to find. Some shooters prefer less expensive

and more available powders.

The OAL depends on your mag/gun - most shooters feel that the longer

you can load each round and have the gun function 100%, the better - I

found that accuracy is actually better a "little shorter" but my gun

functions better a little longer.

How much of the powder to use is personal, and should be determined for

YOUR gun, using a chrono - work up slowly, but chrono the load so you

know when you're at the 130 - 135 pf.

Best approach is to experiment with your gun - select a few of the favorites

posted here on this Forum, and then try them - see how the recoil is, and

how accuracy is in YOUR gun.

Only you can tell what is "the best load" for Your gun.

But, that's half the fun of it...

Good luck,


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Well old506 you're probably right. I am being to analytical. I have been told in the past I think too much, too anal and too much of a perfectionist. All bad traits.

The guys that laugh (are also friends) are usually the top shooters but I do beat them sometimes. One guy is a professional who can pick up any gun then pull the trigger and hit the bullseye so he rarely comes in second. He shoots a rifle professionally.

At 10 yards I place about 6 3" Birchwoods on a large target and put about 80% on target at the indoor range in all 6. I use reading glasses to see the sights which are not factory. About to move to 15 yards. Only been doing this for about 5 months so I need to be patient practice.

Did fly out to Front Sight for the 4 day self defense class and learned a lot except they shoot Weaver. Found out I was entering doors from the wrong side and could have been easily killed.

I have 7 or 8 rental houses that through the years crack houses have popped up in once good neighborhoods. Shot, missed and chased a guy once with a 92 FS. I was surprised and nervous or just plain scared. Glad I missed now so I have a clear conscience.

So shooting at someone in self defense especially on crack in a vacant house has house has become important which is at close range. I have had several people ask if it is worth my life chasing these guys out of houses but the cops don't care. It's also my life time investment but if I get killed the investment does not matter. I know of one landlord that is dead and two came within 30 seconds of being killed. One did get about 200 stitches from a beating with copper pipe. I have other stories but I will stop here. I just get frustrated when I think about this!

Sorry to get off on that tangent but any Walmart factory load would work at 3 to 15 feet in a house. Fact is that’s the world we live in today.

Thanks !

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