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Here in Italy the official importer is the gun shop " Bersaglio Mobile " in Reggio Emilia.

I have here the catalogue, says > on request we can order all the models of the Nill Griffe linea.

Unfortunately here I found only the address and telephone number, but as soon as possibile I call the shop for you and wonder

if the have a @mail.

I believe that with payment by credit card you can arrange international shipping, with a little bit of patience.

I write you just know something

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These grips are installed on my S&W 587 custom 1500 PPC revolver which has a heavy bull barrel. (NRA PPC STYLE) They are excellent and worth every penny. I bought them through their German based international distributor as I live in Canada, their service was prompt and courteous, in English . I was requested to sign off on some German government export laws docs which was done smoothly and without a hitch. It took about 2 weeks for receipt of the grips directly from Germany.

Good shooting and have fun


Smith & Wesson, K/L-Frame square butt 167.00EUR

Art.-Nr.: SW04YHOXL

Surface: stippled, laquered

Size: extra large

Hand: B

Material: Walnut

Group: D

Model: K/L-Frame square butt

10 4 inch / 13 4 inch / 14 6 inch / 17 / 19 4-6 inch / 64 3-4 inch / 65 4 inch / 66 4-6 inch / 67 / 617 / 648 / 586 / 686 /...

In the last couple of years many titles have been won by shooters competing in the 1500 and the Bianchi Cup utilizing this grip. The bottom of the grip is extended and allows for the secure placement of the second hand for two handed shooting. Designed to accommodate speed loaders.

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