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Stippling Info Needed

Philip Dedmon

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You will likely get a dozen responses to this inquiry!

I'll start that list with my 'opinion'.

I don't like stippling as well as Springer Precision's X-Grip treatment.

I have had it on 5 or 6 guns. The treatment is a carbide grit embedded in an epoxy substrate.

Excellant grip, no slip and not too aggressive.

Just one man's opinion, but take a look. You might like it.

Springer Precision is in the dealer tent if you are interested.


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Everyone who has one of mine would say I do.

But then mine is not a traditional stripple job.

Buy a couple back straps from Brownells and try doing it yourself before you send it off.

You would be supprised what you can do with a little practice but hay if you really want to throw money at me.

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