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On the production 3 pound rule, my vote changed because of member input, plain and simple.

Now I see stuff here on gas pedals on limited guns. The only change we made to limited was to eliminate the 500 produced requirement. How does that translate to gas pedals being legal? Before you answer please read line 22 in appendix D2-Limited division in the rules.

Looks like line 22 isn't there in the revision.


oops my bad as the kids used to say.

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Has there been any response from the BOD, why the members can't know the full details of the purchase of Steel Challenge?

Yes, repeatedly, and posted for the last several years. I'm not going to tie up more of this thread though to discuss something that doesn't belong here.

Since I've only been a member since '08, where can I find the information, that shows what we paid for Steel Challenge?

By golly I finally found what the world was looking for. No its not the lost copy of Front Sight but I'd gladly accept an award for my research on this one.

From the meeting minutes on January 26-27, 2008 a Non-disclosure agreement was signed. Makes sense in business terms not to let the world know what you are willing to pay for the next acquisition if there ever is one.

10:25 a.m. Sunday

Steel Challenge Purchase Terms (Revisited)

Motion to untable this item.

Moved by          President          Seconded by                   Area 1          Passed

No action taken at BOD meeting

President’s notes – The USPSA BOD has discussed being an “umbrella organization” for all Practical shooting sports for several years. While we have worked together with several other disciplines, the Steel Challenge organization is the first acquisition of another practical sport by USPSA.

The USPSA will, as a matter of policy, not be disclosing the financial terms of the Steel Challenge purchase.

This decision will allow any future business relationships to be discussed completely on merit, instead of weighed against Steel Challenge terms.

Further, the USPSA and sellers have signed a mutual non-disclosure agreement as an amendment to the original contract.

Edited for spelling, grammar be damned.

Edit 2: Here's a link to the quote above: http://www.USPSA.org/bodminutes/20080126.html

Edited by matgyver
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Here I've been trying to enjoy the playoffs, and this thing spins way out of control.

I removed the nasty posts, and the replies, and may split the salary discussions sometime tomorrow into another thread. Or maybe not...


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