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DAG Brass Pulling Out Decapping Pin


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Has anybody else had a problem with DAG 9mm Brass? I have had a few show up in some brass I purchased on GB and it appears that the flash hole is much smaller than other 9mm brass. I have lost 3 decapping pins this month to this brass. The decapping pin gets stuck in the flash hole and pulls free from its holder. I am using the Lee U die from EGW on a Dillon 550B. I am not exerting very much force when lowering the shell plate and usually do not know that the decapping pin is missing until trying to size and decap the next case.

I called EGW and they have not heard of this. I am waiting on a reply from Lee. I have ordered 10 decapping pins from EGW and plan on sorting this brass to cull out those dang DAG cases.



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I've never seen DAG, but MAL headstamps will do the same thing. They have a small flash hole. If I catch them I pre drill the flash hole to normal size and all is well.

I've also repaired the Lee pins. I use a dremell and make some small cuts into the small pin and then thoroughly clean the hole in the main pin and the small pin. Apply some green bearing locking compound to both pins and tap the small pin back into the hole in the main pin.

I've deprimed some of the small hole MAL without pulling the pin back out.

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