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Fitted barrel - anyone know why slightly out of battery?


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I have a gunsmith fit Barsto barrel in my G22-40. (This was a full fit, not drop-in or semi) The barrel was fit by Barsto. It does not go fully into battery when the slide is cycled by hand. It does when the slide is dropped via the slide release or when the slide is actuated by shooting. I'm just leery of it in light of the potential KB issue - alhtough there might not even be a problem. The barrel *is* fully locking up into the slide - it is just that the slide is not fully forward on the frame. It is far enough forward that the trigger can depressed.

Attached are 2 pics - I'm not sure if they show the issue well - but, pic 1 is normal. In it, the frame actually sits about 1/16 of an inch behind the rear of the slide - this is with the Barsto barrel all the way into battery, or with the stock barrel. In the 2nd pic, the rear of the slide over hangs the rear of the frame by about a 1/16th of an inch. This totals 1/8 or more total difference between the two. When you push on the back of the slide with your thumb in "out of battery" situation, you can feel the top-end slide a bit further on the frame and you hear an audible click when it stops.

Again, this does seem to be an issue when shooting (I carefully fire one shot at a time and check for battery)- but I'm leery to shoot it fast. Due to expense associated with the cost of shipping, etc I would prefer to NOT send this back unless I can't figure it out. My question is, for those with fit barrels - did you see something similar? Is this part of break in? For those who've fit barrels - what does this indicate to you? Does it seem to be something requiring a bit more tweaking/fitting? What area specifically?

For those who's advice is "why not send it back?" Again, the barrel was fit by Barsto. I'm not attempting to trash Barsto - they make great barrels. I do have issues with how much they charge to fit a barrel and personally feel that as a customer I wasn't treated well by them for that expense. Their position was "send it back on your dime and we'll fix it." For over $500 (barrel, shipping and fitting fee) it should have been right before it left. To me, it seems they are either trying to actively discourage people sending them guns for fitting, or are gouging on the fee which is is very high compared to everyone else's prices I've come across. The barrel (in this case) is no where more accurate (at any range) than the stock and sometimes a bit less. This also should have been caught before it left. Shipping costs $100 for the round trip and I'm just not all that confident in footing that cost to give them a 2nd chance.





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If the gun cycles when shooting,and it goes into full battery(round in chamber) then I wouldn't worry about it. In my opinion , it's a good thing. You got a barrel that locks up like a vault-better accuracy. It also helps keeping the gun stay in battery for those running very light recoil springs.

I add material (TIG weld) the locking lugs of all my aftermarket and factory barrels to get that lock-up that you have. Did that for alot of local Glock owners .

Not sure about that "click" you have, but maybe you can polish the locking block and the barrel under lug.

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You just have very tight fit between the lower lug of the barrel and the locking block. You can lightly stone and polish the underside of the barrel lug forward of the feed ramp and polish up the back of the locking block as others have said - if it bothers you. You can put a light coat of slide glide on the underside of the barrel lug and the top of the locking block as I have done to see if that lubricant is enough to allow hand cycled lock up. That should do it, or just fire it and aftertime, things will "wear" in.

My fitted barrels, KKM, Briley, and BarSto are almost all that tight. Every once in a while when hand cycling, at least one of the guns requires a nudge to go completely into battery because the lock-up is so tight. When you hand cycle the slide, there is just not enough force to overcome the very tight fit, but when firing, the slide speed and force does just that. The rest of the Glock's tolerances are not that tight, so just grin and know that you have a gun that will be very accurate and lock up like a bank vault.

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