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Cerikote finish on rear sights


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My original custom 1911 with Bomar rear sights from 1990 set in the parts bin for 10 years of my "open" gun shooting. Now Benny made me a fantastic 6" and he used my vintage Bomars on it , but my eyes just pick up too much glare off the rear sight.

I painted it with flat black model paint and it helped a bunch, but it wore off fast.

we pulled the sights off the gun and my bench-rest/ sniper gun smith is going to paint it with the Sniper Gray CeriKote baked on paint.

Has any one try ed this ? any thing I should warn him about? he is going to cook it on a lower heat like 190 for longer so that the springs don't fail.

How crazy was this Idea ? Or am I crazy like a Fox? :goof:

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ceracoat adds to the dimensions of the sight, so you will probably have to remove it on the sides of the part of the sight that flips up because it won't fit anymore with the paint added.

Why no re-blue it?

The windage screw is not so easy looking to take apart. But the rest of the sight is apart. He is going to tape it off that just the top and rear will get the coat.

Reblueing it seams like I would still have a finish that gives more glair than the ceracoat, and He can get the sight back to me next week

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