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Crazy facts about Kim Jon Il

Ross Carter

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The really sad and scary thing is all that stuff is true.

REad the book "The Scariest Place In The World" It's about North Korea.

Largest per capita standing army on the planet.

WHen I was traveling throughout WESTPAC, courtesy of my membership in Uncle Sams Misguided Children, they found a couple tunnels from North Korea to South Korea under the D.M.Z. wide enough to drive tanks through.

The South Koreans blew them up...as they do every so often. The war there has never officially ended and if you're not careful up at "The Z" and look too long through bins at the north you could find yourself with an extra hole in your head from an N.K. sniper.

They DO shoot every once in a while...just to stay in practice I guess.

And the place is freaking cold in winter.

Feb. in Korea may suck but it only sucks a lot.


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That video is exactly how I have always pictured the glorious DPRK! The DMZ is an extremely bizarre place. The way the guards stand in those ridiculous karate poses using half cover from the little teal buildings... There is a room that is half North half South with a big white line across the middle. When I graduated from PI my grandfather (Korea vet 4th Marines) gave me a Marine Corps flag to take with me to the fleet. Of all the places I was able to unfurl it, from Iwo Jima to Haditha I think that that little corner of North Korea was the coolest.

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