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1911 short reset double?


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This IS a malfunction. You just have to figure out whether it is hardware or software. The mechanism when functioning properly doesn't do this on it's own so you must first determine whether it is a mechanical issue with the gun. Most of the time if a trigger job has been done or other modifications, it is an issue with the gun. So find a good gunsmith familiar with the mechanism and have it looked at. Lots of things factor in here so find someone experienced. Conditions that can cause the operator to fire an inadvertent shot are also a factor. There is so much that could be involved here that it would be unwise to speculate on the problem too far. I'm worried about the safety aspect here and suggest you get someone else involved. If the gun has been modified in any way then I'd have that looked at first.


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If you have reduced the pretravel or over travel to minimum, give yourself some more trigger travel, I have yet to see where any real advantage can be gained by shortening up the distance the trigger travels.

It's 100% stock.

I think I'll have the smith set the new FCG with a bit more travel when I have it replaced.



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