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Another Data Point .40 tg MG 180 JHP 5" Trojan


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I just started loading .40 so I did a lot of reading here and took a guess at a load. I have a lot of Tightgroup so that is where I started.

I loaded some dummys @ 1.135, 1.14, 1.145, and 1.15. I took these and hand cycled then through the gun. The 1.15 rounds would not work in my Tripp .40 mags They hit the front of the mag. The 1.14 fed the best. They just seemed to have the least amount of drag when hand cycleing the gun. The 1.135's kind of hung up on the ramp as they hit it. I am sure the 1.135's would have run. I have a couple of Tripp 10mm mags on the way so I can try loading longer (around 1.2) so I can have one load for the SV Limited gun and the Trojan.

From reading it looked like I would need to end up about 4.7g of tightgroup to get to 170pf , so I loaded up some rounds with 4.5g @1.14 to start with the went and shot them. I shot 2 10 round strings and the averages were 955 and 957. With a 180g bullet that looks to be around 172pf. It is a cool (43f) sunny, low humidity day here in NC. No over pressure signs on the brass I picked up.

When I shoot through my crono I put up a target at 15 yards. The 4.5g load was in about 2.5" off hand so I think I am done. The load felt like more of a push than a snap. A bit more push than the 9mm minor I was shooting but not all that bad.

I will probably load some with 4.4 and 4.3 just to see what happens.

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I generally run Zeros, but, when loaded short, at 1.135, I'm at 4.3 grains of Titegroup, when I use 10mm mags, and load to 1.21", I have to bump up to 4.7 grains of Titegroup. I have 2, .40 Trojans, and they chrono 20-30 fps different. :cheers:

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