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Spray painting AR mags....


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it was about a 4 beer job, and probably looks like it.

I might try clear coating them so at least the clear coat takes the damage instead.

The bottom mag, the 20 rounder, is some mag I got back in the 1980's. I sprayed it with a metal etching primer first. So I will see how that one holds up.

I don't quite have the courage up to spray an entire AR and optic.

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Yeah, I am thinking ahead to coyote hunting, especially when there is snow on the ground.

Like I said I printed them on regular copier/printer paper. Then I used an X-acto style pen knife to cut them out.

I wore a latex glove on my left hand to hold down the paper stencil. Then I used my right hand to run the rattle can.

The carbon fiber looking mag doesn't look like that in person. The flash from my iPhone made the little silver checkerboards stand out more. In person, it is more subtle. Re thinking it now, I should have just "dusted" the mag with silver first. Then when I stapled down the drawer liner over the mag, I should have stretched it in say the north south direction to make it look more like rectangles, and more like carbon fiber. I am thinking that maybe a light dusting with a gold metallic spray paint, and then a silver metallic spray paint, might have made it look more realistic. Then I went over it again with a "ghosting" of black spray paint to make the little silver squares not so obvious. I think clear coating that mag will really make it "pop".

Other inspiration can be found here:


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