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How to Use SVI trigger in STI grip


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First My English is not Very good ...So.. If i use wrong word

Please Forgive me or teach me How to use Thanks...

I wnat to Use SVI trigger in STI grip....

But I can't find any picture about this

Have someone can send me the picture about Use SVI trigger in STI grip...?

Thanks Very Much

My E-mail: s29349999@msn.com

Shao Lung

From Taiwan...

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1. Open the grip channel - The STI grip channel is too narrow for the width of the SV trigger shoe base.

OR...the opposite

2. Thin the SV trigger shoe base - This way you preserve the STI grip and can go back.

The gun will run like that (I ran it like that) but many feel that you still need to reshape the SV trigger bow OR find a way to swap the SV shoe onto the STI trigger bow. Looking at them side by side does show a slight difference in shape. At least it did on the bows I compared. I could be wrong.

I ended up going back to an STI trigger, so I didn't evaluate it very long.

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also look at the trigerstop, trigger must reset propperly and if you pull the trigger and guide the hammer forward feel if the hammer touches the sear, when they touch adjustment is needed (more overtravel)

also set pretravel and make shure the trigger reset is fine

if the triggerbow is longer there are a few more things to check...

gr T

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Based on SPS grip (SPS are based on STI so they should be similar):

The SVI bow is thinner and lower, so it will be very sloppy. It's also shorter so the back angels are only resting on a couple of 1/10 mm. The trigger will jam if it drops out/down. Front radius on the bow aren't the same either so I don't know if reshaping is an option.

Best and easiest solution is to install the SVI trigger shoe on Your stock bow.

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