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Hello from Pittsburgh Area


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Hello all,

Well, I found this forum when I was surfing a few days ago. I've never seen a more helpful and friendly environment! I learned a lot just by poking around a little before I decided to join.

A litle about myself:

I've been shooting and reloading for about 10 years now, mostly target/varmint rifle type stuff. I just punch holes in paper, though. I recently picked up a "tactical" springfield XD9, and began reloading for it on the ol' rockchucker. Not being a pistol shooter, I really sucked for the first 500 rounds. After about 2,000 rounds, I suck less. I've read a lot about pistol shooting, but really it seems like lots of practice is the only way to get better at it. I like the challenge of learning a new skill, so I'm enjoying the process of learning to shoot a pistol better. Someday I might like to check out IDPA/IPSC/UPSPSA.

Also, I'm seriously thinking about a new 550B... loading pistol ammo on a single stage press takes FOREVER!


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Welcome Chris. There is a very nice club at East Huntington. They hosted the USPSA Limited Nationals a number of years ago...good folks. Also one in Erie...Eagles Nest, also good folks. Youngstown Rifle and Pistol shoots IDPA during the Summer and it is not too far. Check out USPSA.org and IDPA.com for "club finder" threads and you will probably find a couple indoor matches. Go and watch. You don't need to be an expert to compete and have fun!

Good luck,


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Fellow Pittsburgh resident myself.

I don't shoot too much anymore - that dang work thing - but I can say there are a lot of great ranges in the area. Tons of shooting opportunities and really great people to help you get started.

Vluc is a member here and the section coordinator for USPSA. Heck of a nice guy too, really got me into the loop when I moved here. If you decide to compete, reach out to Vince - he's fantastic!

Go Pens!


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Thanks, Jack. Get that pistol out and come back and see us. Miss shooting with you!

Chris, drop me a pm with your location and I'll hook you up with the closest local club. Or visit us at westernpasection.com and look around. 8 clubs to choose from, can shoot every weekend during the season if you want.

Chirpy, Eagles Nest is no longer affiliated, not sure if they even have matches anymore. Gem City up in Erie is gearing up for their indoor season - January through March, 2nd and 4th Sundays.

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Chris, our pleasure. I have not even included our friends in Ohio who are also close to you but not in our Area. Dan/Flex/Bud any of you guys want to pass on the Ohio clubs for Chris? He did pm me and is close enough that some eastern Ohio clubs would be in his range as well.

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