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My first Bill Drill

Ross Carter

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This is not a match story but maybe close enough since it is a practice session.

Bill Wilson got me into "Combat Shooting" as we called it back then, as years went by we became friends and training partners practicing at least once a week and several times a week just before major matches.

One afternoon, can't remember exactly when but probably late 80's, I showed up at Bills range behind the gunshop to do our regular practice. He and another guy were already out on the range so I geared up and joined them. I noticed one paper target set up with several pasters already on it.

Bill says "Ross I have a new drill I want you to try, it's hard but I think you can do it, it's draw and fire 6 A's in 2 seconds." Doesn't sound like much now but back then it was pretty sporty. I of course accept the challenge and set up waiting for the beep. I'm aware that Bill and the other guy back way up, I had a little bit of suspicion but figured they just wanted to see me muck it up.

Beep goes I make my best draw and start hosing. I have no idea but a device, a bomb really, had been attached to the back of the target about the middle of the A zone. My 3rd or 4th round hits it and sets off this tremendous boom with tons of smoke and flaming bits of cardboard. No this isn't tannerite this is something homemade by a dear and now departed friend who loved to make things that blow up.

There is a long pregnant pause as flaming pieces of cardboard float to the ground all around me. I'd like to say I was soo cool but for whatever reason I didn't move, I stayed in my stance pointed at the target, didn't even flinch. This caused Bill to think I must be injured or something so there's dead silence for a few seconds until still pointed downrange I turn my head and say something like " you bastards". Then we all have a good laugh and lots of beer later. Bill told me later the main thing he was worried about was I might not hit the A zone. LOL Later I obtained some devices from our friend the bomb maker and swore to get even but never did.

Every time I hear about a Bill drill I think about this incident so long ago.



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So that's where the idea for the bill drill came from. :roflol:

"Hey I have this idea for a exploding target prank, but we have to get them to shoot a lot of shots at the target."

"How bout we tell em they gotta shoot 6 in the A in 2 seconds or something?"


"That's actually a pretty good drill..."

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